Polished amenity and relaxation in nature....
When you step into the entrance drenched with sunlight, relaxation time in nature of Okhotsk will begin. Relax and enjoy your stay with our functional and high quality service that is second to none.

Guest Room

Guest Room

Have a relaxing time to relieve the weariness of the journey.

Western-style Room

We provide various types of rooms such as those for 2-3 persons.

Japanese-style Room

We provide authentic tatami-floored rooms and welcome our guests with its relaxing Japanese-style interior design.



Enjoy seasonal ingredients from the Sea of Okhotsk.

A treasure trove of seafood, the Sea of Okhotsk....
Seasonal fish and shellfish are dynamically kept alive in the large tank.
You may enjoy the finest taste of them all through the year.

King and Hairy and Zuwai Crab Full Set Meal + 9,500 yen
Hairy and Zuwai Crab Full Set Meal + 8,000yen
Zuwai Crab Full Set Meal + 6,000 yen
Beef Hot Pot (Syabu-syabu)Full Set Meal + 5,500 yen
Japanese style meal plus crab rice + 3,500 yen
Japanese Style Standard Meal + 3,000 yen

Dinner Menu

Our chefs display their skill in cooking with excellent ingredients.
Enjoy seafood dinner featuring crab dishes.

In case of only staying or with breakfast, each dinner will be accepted at additional charge.
Reservations are necessary for dinner by the day before.
And, in some cases, reservations are full and we can not receive it, so please understand


Breakfast Menu

Our breakfast buffet offers 40 varieties of dishes to choose from.
Everything is fresh and tastes wonderful.
We recommend rich-tasting“Okkope milk”, fresh-baked bread, and crab teppo-jiru(crab miso soup), etc.


Besides a large communal bath that is the only natural hot spring bath in Mombetsu, we offer a jacuzzi, an open-air bath, and a sauna.

Hours    15:00-24:00 5:00-9:30





The hotel is located in the central area of Mombetsu City.
Marine leisure facilities are concentrated there, and having access to a hot spot“Gariya Zone”is easy.  Of course, you may get to a nightspot on foot, where restaurants or izakayas(Japanese-style bars) are lined up.

By car

From Asahikawa  Approx.140 km (Approx.2 hr.)
From Abashiri   Approx.110 km (Approx.1 hr.50 min.)
From Wakkanai   Approx.220 km (Approx.3 hr.40 min.)

By bus

Sapporo - Mombetsu Bus Terminal Approx.4 hr.25 min.
Asahikawa - Mombetsu Bus Terminal  Approx.3 hr.

Note: From the bus terminal to the hotel, it takes about 10 min. on foot, about 5 min.(470 yen) by taxi.

By air

Haneda Airport – Mombetsu Airport  Approx.2 hr.

Note: Guests using route bus service
Mombetsu Airport – Mombetsu Prince Hotel (Approx.13 min.)
Fare: 300 yen per adult

Note: Guests using taxi service
Mombetsu Airport – Mombetsu Prince Hotel (Approx.12 min.)
Fare: Approx. 2,130 yen